Window Contractors Eagle Mountain UT Can Add Curb Appeal and Livability to Your Home

Window contractors Eagle Mountain UT

Window contractors Eagle Mountain UT can help homeowners bolster their home’s value by keeping its appearance and upkeep in great shape. Oftentimes, they do this by performing upgrades that add curb appeal and livability to their homes.

Local handymen also specialize in window installation services and can help homeowners choose the best windows for their home styles and budgets. For instance, they can help homeowners select the best windows with low U-factors to save energy bills.

Ovation Wood Shutters

With interior plantation shutters, you can bring beauty, timelessness, and sophistication into your home. They complement a wide variety of decor styles and color palettes, while offering superior light control and insulating your space. Unlike other window treatments that can break within a few years, our shutters are constructed to endure. They can withstand constant sun exposure and never splinter or warp.

Our five-star Ovation wood shutters are handmade from solid basswood, a furniture-grade hardwood. They’re also kiln-dried to prevent cracks and splits. They come in a broad array of paint and stain options, allowing you to match your wood trim and hardwood floors.

Our Polywood wood shutters are the most energy efficient window covering in the industry. They insulate up to 70% better than rival shutters, keeping your home comfortable and reducing your energy bills. They also block outside noises and cold drafts to make your home more peaceful. In addition, they resist damage from moisture, mold, termites, and rot, and they are protected by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Polywood Shutters

Sunburst’s exclusive Polywood shutters bring a timeless look to your home, and they also deliver impressive energy-efficiency. The solid faux wood and powerful weather stripping of Polywood shutters reduce nearly 45% of heat transfer, making them the most energy-efficient window treatment in America. This means you’ll save on your heating and cooling costs – and qualify for a 2023 federal tax credit up to $1200.

Unlike composite shutters, Polywood’s solid furniture-grade teak wood is a durable material that resists chipping and fading. This makes it a better shutter for Southern California’s hot and dry climate conditions than non-wood shutters such as pressed-board core/poly-vinyl shutters, which deteriorate quickly in humid conditions and are prone to peeling.

Polywood’s premium white paint is infused and baked with UV inhibitors, which keep the color vivid and stable even in direct sunlight. Polywood shutters are also a smarter choice for eco-friendly homeowners, as the materials used to create them are recycled and renewable.

Plantation Shutters Salt Lake City

Window shutters are an eye-catching way to add character to your home. They can complement both modern and traditional interior designs. Plus, they’re durable and easy to operate. And, as an added bonus, they’re a smart energy saver. They help control the temperature by reflecting or maintaining heat, depending on the season.

If you want to upgrade your existing blinds, consider a set of custom-designed motorized blinds. These window treatments eliminate the need for cords that can get tangled and are a safety hazard to children and pets. They are also easier to open and close than regular blinds.

If you’re looking for the best plantation shutters in Eagle Mountain, UT, turn to Sunburst Shutters. Their Ovation wood shutters feature solid furniture-grade teak and can be customized with over 28 colors. Unlike many store-bought blinds, their expert construction and resilient material can stand the test of time. They’re also resistant to moisture and come with one of the strongest warranties in the industry.