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Eagle Mountain Window Replacement

Our Comprehensive Window Replacement & Installation Solutions in Eagle Mountain, UT

Our wide array of window replacement solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of Eagle Mountain residents. We provide options from casements to energy-efficient windows that align with your unique needs and personal style. Join us as we explore these offerings and guide you to the perfect solution for your home or business.

Awning Window Replacement

Create a fresh, open atmosphere in your living spaces with our awning window replacement services. These windows, known for their top-hinge design, facilitate superb ventilation even during light rain. With our team’s attention to detail and expert installation, you’ll enjoy a harmonious blend of style and practicality.

Bay Window Replacement

Transform your home’s outlook with our exceptional bay window replacement services. Bay windows introduce additional living space, ample light, and panoramic views. By opting for our top-quality replacement services, you’ll experience an elevated charm that complements your home’s architectural style.

Bow Window Replacement

Embrace the artistry of bow windows with our replacement services. With their graceful curvature, bow windows create an appealing focal point for any property. Our experienced team ensures a flawless installation that maintains elegant aesthetics and guarantees longevity.

Casement Window Replacement

Enjoy unrestricted views of Eagle Mountain’s beautiful scenery with our casement window replacement services. Casement windows, known for their side-hinged design, deliver excellent ventilation and unobstructed vistas. Our expert service caters to your home’s unique style and personal preferences, ensuring a visually and functionally satisfying fit.

Double-Hung Window Replacement

Revitalize your home’s classic charm with our double-hung window replacement services. These windows, featuring two operable sashes, provide excellent airflow and are remarkably easy to clean. Trust in our skilled team to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal with high-quality double-hung windows.

Energy-Efficient Window Replacement

Embrace sustainability and savings with our energy-efficient window replacement services. Energy-efficient windows greatly improve your home’s insulation, helping to moderate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption. Benefit from lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint with this eco-friendly option.

Picture Window Replacement

Experience unobstructed panoramas of the beautiful Eagle Mountain landscape with our picture window replacement services. Picture windows, designed for maximum viewing pleasure, infuse your home with natural light and scenic vistas. Our competent team ensures a seamless installation, bolstering your home’s energy efficiency without compromising the view.

Slider Window Replacement

Opt for convenience and style with our slider window replacement services. Slider windows are known for their practical design and ease of operation. With our service, you’ll enjoy a blend of quality and convenience that enhances your home’s value.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Experience durability and low maintenance with our vinyl window replacement services. Vinyl windows resist wear and tear and require minimal upkeep, making them an ideal choice for busy homeowners. With our professional service, rest assured you’re investing in long-lasting quality.

Hurricane Window Replacement

Secure peace of mind with our hurricane window replacement services. For homes located in storm-prone areas, hurricane windows offer essential protection. Rely on our dependable team for a sturdy installation that withstands harsh weather conditions.

Impact Windows Replacement

Opt for robust security with our impact window replacement services. Impact windows are designed to resist severe weather and potential break-ins, enhancing your property’s safety. Trust in our experienced team to fortify your home with high-security, high-performance windows.

The Benefits of Replacing Windows With Eagle Mountain Window Replacement

Explore the multifaceted advantages of window replacement to your home or business in Eagle Mountain. Beyond the undeniable aesthetic upgrade, window replacement has benefits that touch on energy efficiency, security, and property value.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Bask in the warmth of your home in winter and cool comfort in summer with energy-efficient windows. These advanced windows act as thermal barriers, trapping winter warmth and reflecting summer heat. Less reliance on your HVAC system translates into significant savings on your energy bills and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Enhanced Home Value

Boost your property’s market appeal with the installation of new windows. This home improvement venture is a strategic investment that enhances your living conditions and adds significant resale value. Whether you plan to sell or stay, new windows promise a lucrative return on investment and an elevated living experience.

Better Safety and Security

Empower your home’s defense system with modern window installations. Today’s window designs prioritize safety, featuring reinforced frames and locking mechanisms that deter potential break-ins. Sleep soundly, knowing state-of-the-art window technology protects your family and possessions.

Improved Aesthetics

Revitalize your home’s facade with the installation of new windows. This aesthetic upgrade breathes fresh life into your property, resulting in a modern and stylish appearance. Bask in the pride and satisfaction of owning a home that’s not only comfortable but visually captivating.

Noise Reduction

Experience tranquility in your home with noise-reducing windows. Whether you live near a bustling street or a lively neighborhood, new window installations act as sound barriers, dampening exterior noise. Enjoy quieter, more serene living spaces where peace prevails.

Easy Maintenance

Enjoy a hassle-free window cleaning experience with our modern window designs. These new-age windows feature easy-to-clean surfaces and accessible designs that significantly reduce cleaning time and effort. Spend less time on upkeep and more time appreciating your sparkling windows.

Improved Comfort

Elevate your home’s comfort levels with our expert window replacements. With efficient insulation, new windows maintain an ideal indoor temperature throughout the year, enhancing your home’s coziness. Relax in comfort and enjoy your living spaces more than ever before.

Greater Natural Light

Illuminate your home’s interiors with abundant natural light courtesy of modern window designs. These windows maximize daylight influx without increasing heat gain, fostering brighter, more inviting spaces. Experience the joy of a sunlit home, which uplifts your mood and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day.

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Other Essential Window Services We Offer in Eagle Mountain, UT

At Eagle Mountain Window Replacement, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just window replacement. Serving both residential and commercial properties in Eagle Mountain, UT, we've diversified our services to cater to a broad spectrum of window needs.

Eagle Mountain Window Repair

We bring in our expertise to assess the extent of the damage and provide top-tier window repair services, ensuring longevity and functionality. It's all about saving you time, money, and making sure that residential window replacement isn't done unless absolutely required.

Emergency Window Replacement Services

Windows can get damaged due to various unexpected reasons – be it extreme weather conditions or accidental breakage. Our emergency window replacement services ensure that you're not left with a broken window for long. Our dedicated team acts swiftly, ensuring the safety and security of your property.

Weatherproofing Your Replacement Windows

In Eagle Mountain's diverse climate, weatherproofing becomes a necessity. Once we replace your windows, we also offer weatherproofing services. This ensures that they remain resilient against all weather types, protecting your interiors and ensuring energy efficiency.

Window Energy Efficiency Audits

We offer energy efficiency audits to ensure that your windows are conserving energy effectively. This process involves assessing your windows and determining how well they're insulating your space. With this service, you're saving on energy bills and ensuring an eco-friendly environment.

Window Security Film Replacement

The security of your premises is paramount. Our security film replacement service ensures that your windows are fortified against potential break-ins. These films not only enhance security but also add an additional layer of safety against accidental shattering.

Window Hardware Replacement

Sometimes, it’s the little components that need attention. From locks to handles and more, our window hardware replacement service ensures that every aspect of your window is in perfect working condition. You don't need another window replacement company when we handle every intricate detail.

Custom Replacement Windows

Every space has its unique character, and we appreciate that. Our custom replacement windows service comes into play for homes or establishments requiring a unique touch. We design windows tailored to your specifications, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your interiors.

Soundproofing Your Replacement Windows

Eagle Mountain can be bustling, and for those who crave tranquility, our soundproofing service for replacement windows is ideal. We enhance your windows' capacity to block out external noises, giving you the peace you desire.

Screen Window Replacement

Screen windows keep out insects and debris, ensuring a clean indoor environment. Over time, they can wear out. Our screen window replacement service ensures that your views remain unobstructed while keeping unwanted elements at bay.

UV Protection Windows Replacement

Protect your interiors from the harsh UV rays with our UV protection window replacement. This service ensures that while natural light floods in, the harmful ultraviolet rays are kept out, protecting your furniture and fabrics from fading.

Window Sash Replacement

The sash is a critical component of a window, holding the glass panes in place. Our window sash replacement service ensures that if your sash wears out or gets damaged, it's replaced efficiently, restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your window.

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Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows with Our Expert Eagle Mountain Window Replacement

Low-E (low emissivity) glass windows are designed with a special coating reflecting harmful UV rays while insulating your home interiors. With our Low-E glass replacement windows, you can enjoy reduced energy bills and enhanced comfort in your Eagle Mountain home.

Argon gas-filled windows utilize this inert gas between panes, providing superior insulation against cold and heat. By choosing our argon gas-filled replacement windows, you’re making a smart choice for both your pocket and the environment, ensuring a cozier home in Eagle Mountain.

Triple-pane windows come with three layers of glass, delivering unparalleled insulation and noise reduction. Trust our expertise to provide these windows, ensuring that your home stays quiet and energy-efficient, aligning with the needs of our discerning Eagle Mountain clientele.

Energy Star-certified windows meet strict efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. When you opt for our Energy Star-certified replacement windows, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring significant savings on energy bills in your Eagle Mountain residence.

Elevate Your Eagle Mountain Home with Our Superior Window Materials

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows are known for their durability and cost-effectiveness. Made from high-quality PVC, they provide excellent insulation, keeping your interiors comfortable. Choose our vinyl replacement windows for a low-maintenance and energy-efficient option for your Eagle Mountain window replacement project.

Wood Replacement Windows

Wooden windows add a touch of classic elegance to any space. They enhance your home's aesthetic appeal and provide natural insulation. Our Eagle Mountain window replacement team ensures you get top-quality wood windows that age gracefully, offering warmth and charm.

Aluminum Replacement Windows

Aluminum windows are lightweight, strong, and resistant to rust and corrosion. They offer a sleek, modern look, ideal for contemporary homes. If you're looking for a durable and slim-profile window, our high-quality aluminum windows are perfect for your Eagle Mountain window replacement project.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass windows are incredibly resilient, withstanding extreme temperatures without warping or corroding. They mimic the look of traditional wood but without the maintenance hassles. For those seeking a sturdy and long-lasting option, our window replacement team in Eagle Mountain recommends these windows.

Composite Replacement Windows

Composite windows combine the benefits of various materials, offering superior strength and thermal performance. They resist rotting, warping, and fading, making them a long-term investment for your home. Trust our Eagle Mountain window replacement service to provide you with the finest composite windows.

Steel Replacement Windows

Steel windows are synonymous with strength and security. They provide a minimalist and industrial look while ensuring maximum protection against break-ins. When you opt for our steel windows, you're investing in robustness and style for your establishment.

Clad-Wood Replacement Windows

Clad-wood windows bring the best of both worlds. While the wooden interior offers warmth and aesthetics, the exterior cladding (often aluminum or vinyl) provides protection against the elements. Our Eagle Mountain window replacement service ensures you get the perfect blend of beauty and resilience with clad-wood windows.

Laminated Replacement Windows

Laminated windows come with a protective layer that offers enhanced security against shattering. Not only do they protect against UV rays, but they also provide noise reduction. Ensure the safety and serenity of your interiors with our high-quality laminated windows.

Tempered Glass Replacement Windows

Tempered glass undergoes a special heating process, making it much stronger than regular glass. It's designed to shatter into small pieces upon impact, reducing the risk of injury. When safety is your priority, our Eagle Mountain window replacement team suggests opting for tempered glass windows.

Low-E Glass Replacement Windows

Low-E (low emissivity) glass windows are coated with a special layer reflecting heat, ensuring your interiors remain comfortable year-round. They reduce energy bills by maintaining optimal indoor temperatures. Enhance your home's energy efficiency with our top-grade Low-E glass windows, a staple in our window replacement service in Eagle Mountain.

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About Eagle Mountain Window Replacement

Eagle Mountain Window Replacement is a local business that stands for quality, trust, and commitment. Deeply embedded in the community, our team has dedicated years to providing homeowners and businesses with superior window installations and quality workmanship. We’re not just another company; we’re your neighbors, offering services that enhance your properties and, in turn, our beloved hometown.


With a firm grasp of local architecture and weather conditions, we offer a tailored approach to window installation services, meticulously considering every aspect of your property. Every window we install contributes to the beautiful tapestry that is Eagle Mountain. Through our dedication and commitment, we aim to provide window solutions that are reliable and aesthetic and a testament to the community we proudly serve.

Why Choose Us As Your Residential Window & Door Contractor

When you entrust your window replacement project to our expert team, you start a journey with seasoned professionals committed to achieving your vision. Our team stands apart with a rich blend of experience, technical know-how, and a genuine passion for improving homes. We view each project as an opportunity to provide solutions that enhance not just the beauty but also the comfort and security of your home.


Choosing us means choosing a transparent, customer-focused approach. We listen, we advise, and we meticulously execute. We treat each window installation with the individual care and attention it deserves. But it’s not just about the windows we install. It’s about the relationships we build along the way. With us, you gain more than just top-tier window replacement – a partnership with a team that genuinely cares about your satisfaction.

Areas We Serve Our Replacement Windows in Eagle Mountain, UT

Our commitment to service delivery extends beyond the heart of Eagle Mountain and the surrounding area, touching various locations that define the beautiful state of Utah. We are proud to serve and contribute to transforming homes and businesses in these areas.


Our window replacement services extend beyond Eagle Mountain, UT, and the following locations:


  • Lehi, UT
  • American Fork, UT
  • Highland, UT
  • Pleasant Grove, UT
  • Riverton, UT
  • Lindon, UT
  • Draper, UT
  • Orem, UT
  • South Jordan, UT
  • Provo, UT
  • Sandy, UT
  • West Jordan City, Utah
  • Midvale, UT
  • Tooele, UT
  • Spanish Fork, UT

Door Care Tips

A beautiful new door can breathe life into any property, but its lifespan and aesthetics are greatly influenced by how well it’s maintained. We’re just as dedicated to helping you prolong the life of your new doors as we are to install them. Here are a few expert tips from our team at Eagle Mountain that will aid you in keeping your doors in top shape for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

While it might sound simple, regular cleaning goes a long way in maintaining your doors. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent to gently clean the door surfaces, removing dust, dirt, and any marks. This keeps your doors looking new and allows you to spot any potential issues early.

Lubricate Moving Parts

All door moving parts, such as hinges and locks, should be lubricated periodically. This reduces friction, prevents wear and tear, and keeps the doors operating smoothly. Always use a lubricant suitable for your doors’ specific material and mechanism.

Inspect for Damage Regularly

Take the time to thoroughly inspect your doors for any signs of damage or wear at least twice a year. Look out for issues like cracks, loose hinges, or deteriorating seals. Early detection allows for prompt repairs, extending the overall life of your doors and maintaining their functionality and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Replacement & Window Installation

We understand that window replacement can be a big decision, and you might have questions. Our FAQ section aims to address those queries, from the process to replacement cost. We provide clear, concise information to ease your decision-making process. It’s our mission to ensure you’re informed and confident in your choices.

window replacement company Eagle Mountain

There’s no ‘best’ time – quality window replacement companies can install windows year-round.

The timeframe varies depending on the project size and window type. Our team strives to complete each job efficiently and on schedule.

Yes, energy-efficient windows can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

The cost varies depending on the window type and installation complexity. We offer transparent pricing and can provide an estimate.

Most quality windows can last between 15-20 years. However, factors like maintenance and weather can affect their lifespan.

Window replacement is a job for professionals. It requires specific tools and expertise to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

These windows are designed to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping your home. They help reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Our companies offer solutions that preserve your home’s historic character while enhancing its energy efficiency.

In some cases, yes. But a full window replacement might be the best solution if the window frame or sash is damaged.

Not necessarily. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose to replace windows in stages.

Eagle Mountain Window Replacement Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers as they share their experiences with our window replacement services. From homeowners to business operators, we’ve had the privilege of transforming properties throughout Eagle Mountain, UT.

What an amazing transformation to our home! The Eagle Mountain Window Replacement team demonstrated professionalism by swapping our dated windows with fresh, energy-efficient ones. The team's proficiency and meticulous attention to detail left me highly impressed. The outcome has exceeded my expectations, giving my home a beautiful, new outlook.
Tessie P.
Eagle Mountain UT
I hired the Eagle Mountain Window Replacement team to spruce up my abode with new windows and a new sliding door. I also had them replace my basement windows. The workmanship was truly commendable - a perfect blend of quality, skill, and an eye for aesthetics. The windows installed are high-quality. But what won me over was their great customer service - supportive, responsive, and dedicated. I wouldn't hesitate to endorse this window company to anyone seeking top-tier window replacement services.
Jay W.
Eagle Mountain UT
Managing multiple properties across the city, I need a replacement windows service that is reliable and consistent - and the Eagle Mountain Window Replacement team fits the bill perfectly. They did a great job replacing my old windows with new and high-quality ones. Their impeccable workmanship and dedication to quality have been evident in every project they've handled for me. They're my go-to choice for window replacement, and I couldn't be happier with their service.
Carol V.
Eagle Mountain UT
The level of professionalism and efficiency the Eagle Mountain Window Replacement team brought to the table was exceptional. They swiftly replaced all the windows in our office building, adhering to the set timeline. The outcome has been nothing short of brilliant - a modern, appealing workspace that's already receiving compliments.
Wane L.
Eagle Mountain UT

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