Door Styles For Your Eagle Mountain UT Home

Door styles Eagle Mountain UT

Door styles Eagle Mountain UT are the finishing touches that can make or break your home’s style. It’s important to find a reputable company that will help you choose the perfect doors for your home.

RCM is a local family owned and operated business servicing Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Cedar Fort, Fairfield and surrounding areas. Our top priority from the start has been our customers and their satisfaction with the work that we perform.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is timber that comes directly from fully grown and matured trees. It may be either hardwood or softwood based on the species of tree from which it is obtained. Hardwoods take a longer time to grow and have a higher density than softwoods.

Unlike engineered wood, solid wood is composed of wood fibers throughout its entire length, so it doesn’t have layers that are held together with adhesives. This makes it easier to work with, especially for furniture makers and carpenters.

Moreover, the grain structure of solid wood is unique and can be easily identified. Furniture made of solid wood often has irregularities, knots and a variety of color. It is durable and strong, with natural resistance to rot, termites and moisture.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style homes often feature stone accents, gable brackets and large front porches. The door is a key component of this aesthetic and upgradating to a craftsman style door can add a touch of sophistication to your home.

While a craftsman style door is great for cottages and bungalows it can also be used in homes with a more down-to-earth aesthetic like prairie or ranch-style houses. These homes usually have low-pitched roofs and often feature vaulted ceilings which can benefit from a craftsman style door.

The color palette for craftsman homes is typically earth tones like gray, green or brown. While these colors are great on their own, a combination of contrasting shades can help create the perfect look for your home. For example, try pairing a dark green or burgundy door with a light oak trim.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary styles reflect a strong lean toward minimalism and clean lines. If you’re building a new home or filling an existing space, consider how contemporary pieces can work for you. Our designers can provide inspiration and practical tips, whether you want to create a whole room or simply add an accent piece.

This style of interior design began as a blend of many different designs, and it continues to evolve with emerging trends. You can find elements from modernism, postmodernism, art deco, and more – yet it still has certain characteristics that set it apart from other styles. If single-story living is ideal for you, be sure to check out our rambler listings. They often feature open floor plans and vaulted ceilings that make for bright, airy spaces to live in and entertain.