Casement Windows in Eagle Mountain UT

Casement windows are hinged left or right and open wide with a hand crank. They offer improved ventilation and work well in both traditional and modern home styles.

Window prices vary based on frame material, size and style. The pricing data in this article comes from RSMeans and reflects bare materials costs.

Sash Replacement

A popular operating window style, casement windows open outward on hinges like a door. They let in fresh air and can be opened easily with a hand-crank from inside your home. They also provide a better view than double-hung and slider styles with their uninterrupted glass viewing area.

Energy efficiency is critical for Salt Lake City homes, and casement windows help. They use vinyl that has lower conductivity than traditional windows, which cuts down on heat transfer and helps stabilize interior temperatures.

They can be upgraded with Low-E and Argon gas, which further reduces energy costs. Other options include a fusion-welded contoured sash and frame design that minimizes exterior appearance, a recessed screen for an uncluttered interior and heavy-duty hardware with up to three locking points.

Block Frame

One of the most common installation methods is called block frame. This is a quick and economical option that leaves the existing exterior and interior trim undisturbed. It’s a great choice for older homes with existing frames that are in good condition. The old sashes are removed, the opening is cleaned and caulked, and the new window is inserted. Metal head flashing and a caulking bead defend against air and water infiltration.

Casement windows operate on hinges and swing open and closed, usually outward, but they can also be designed to swing in if needed. These versatile designs leverage natural breezes to reduce cooling bills and provide superior ventilation. They’re ideally suited to our Northern Utah climate and lifestyle. The wide opening of these designs allows for a large pane of uninterrupted glass.

New Construction

When building your new home, you have the opportunity to design it exactly how you want it with the help of architects and other professionals. One important detail to consider is the style of windows you choose for each room.

Compared to double hung windows, casement windows create a more open view because they don’t have panes running across them that could block your view. They also make for better ventilation during the summer and leverage the sun’s rays for warming your home during the winter.

Awning and casement windows crank open outward on hinges either on the left or right, just like doors. They are ideal for areas where you can’t reach easily, such as those over the kitchen sink. These windows are often paired with picture windows for a beautiful and well-framed view.


After falling out of favor, casement windows are making a comeback. They operate on side hinges, much like doors, allowing them to swing outward and offer unobstructed views. They also encourage fresh air flow through your home. Their superior ventilation capabilities make them an excellent choice for hot Eagle Mountain days.

With no sections separating glass, they are easy to clean and give you clear views. Their hardware is concealed in the frame to prevent tampering. Additionally, their multi-point locking points add security to your home.

Investing in new windows is one of the most important home improvement projects you can undertake. Choosing the right type will boost your home’s resale value and save you money. Learn about important ratings like U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient and visible transmittance before choosing your window replacement.


Full-frame replacement involves removing your existing window down to the studs and replacing it with an entirely new design. While this installation option carries higher upfront costs, it ensures you get the exact size and style of window that fits your home. Additionally, it protects against any damage to your home structure provoked by improper or invasive installation.

Frame material is also a major factor that influences casement window prices. Vinyl frames are a popular and affordable choice for homeowners looking for durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. For a more premium option, consider a composite or fiberglass frame. Fiberglass frames are eight times stronger than vinyl and have superior insulation properties for homes in harsh climates. Wood frames have a traditional aesthetic but aren’t the best insulator.