Door Styles For Your Eagle Mountain UT Home

There’s a lot to love about Eagle Mountain: activities, open skies, growth, community. It’s a place where you can build a home and raise a family.

But even new homes need upgrades from time to time. Upgrades help bolster property value and ensure your home’s livability. So, what door projects do you have in mind?

Exterior Doors

The right doors can increase your home’s value, beauty and security. But the wrong ones can detract from your property, invite unwanted visitors and even sabotage your heating or cooling costs. Choosing the right doors for your home requires plenty of research and a good understanding of your options.

Your exterior doors are the first thing that visitors see. They’re also the best way to blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, so they need to be both sturdy against the elements and easy on the eyes. Choose from wood, fiberglass and steel models that can be customized with finish choices, glass options and decorative hardware.

If you have pets, consider getting a pet door installation service that allows your furry family members to enter and exit your house on their own schedule. Our talented handyman offers customizable sizes, cuts and designs that fit seamlessly with your exterior doors and adapt to your pet’s needs.

Interior Doors

Today’s residential doors offer more flexibility than ever before. For lavatory and utility areas, you can choose practical, paintable MDF or Masonite styles; for the more visible rooms in your home, you may want solid wood, single- or multi-lite French door designs or a rolling barn door.

Improving the look of your home doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor, and upgrading your interior doors is a smart project that can yield results you will notice each time you enter a room. Local door contractors can help you select, design and install doors that are a perfect fit for each room in your home. Ask for company ratings and costs to find a contractor that matches your budget and goals. You can also save money by installing new construction windows rather than repairing existing ones. This installation method involves nailing the window into the framing with a nailing fin, which can be more complex but is the preferred installation process for brand-new homes.

Pet Doors

A pet door is a good way to save energy costs and keep your dog or cat safe. It can also help you avoid letting them into your home in hot or cold weather. These doors usually feature a flap style and locking security cover.

When choosing a door with a pet door, you should make sure that it’s large enough for your pet. To measure, have your pet stand up straight and locate the tallest point on their back, which is typically below the neck or between the shoulder blades. Then, measure from the ground to that spot and add two inches for safety.

Patio Pacific’s Endura Flap Pet Door features superior manufacturing and weather protection. It uses an architectural extruded aluminum frame and magnetic flap lining for insulation and strength. The flap also has a high-aspect ratio, meaning that it is safer for pets to step over. This flap also resists extreme heat and cold temperatures and 50 mph wind resistance.


As a homeowner, it is important to remodel and upgrade your home on a regular basis to keep up with the times. This will help you avoid expensive repairs in the future and add to your property value. A handyman in Eagle Mountain UT can help you with many upgrades and repairs, including door replacements. You can have an expert install a variety of different doors, and even add-on features like screens. If you have pets, a handyman can also add a pet door to your home, which will save you time and trouble from having to let them in and out at their own discretion.