Window Styles for Your Eagle Mountain UT Home

Window styles Eagle Mountain UT

Choosing the right window company for your home improvement project is an important decision. Look for a company with an excellent warranty, reputation and customer reviews.

Energy-efficient windows can lower your power bills and help the environment. You’ll also enjoy a higher comfort level in your home. Polywood shutters provide superior energy efficiency and temperature control.

Sash Replacement

Upgrading your windows will not only bolster your home’s value and increase its curb appeal, but it will also lower your energy bills. The Department of Energy estimates that drafty windows allow 30% of your heated and cooled air to escape your home.

Window replacement with insulated glass units (IGUs) and Low-E glass will lower your energy costs by up to 15%. Low-E glass is coated with a material that reflects the sun’s rays in the summer, while it keeps heat inside your home during the winter.

Window replacement with argon gas-filled windows offers even greater energy efficiency. These windows have an invisible layer of argon between the glass panes, which is less conductive than air and reduces heat transfer. Stanek’s vinyl replacement windows are crafted with multi-chambered, fusion-welded sashes and structural reinforcement to help protect against sagging and bowing over time.

Block Frame

Block frame windows are popular for residential and commercial window replacement projects. They don’t use an integrated nail fin around the perimeter and are therefore much quicker to install than new construction windows.

During the full-frame window replacement process, the old window is removed down to the original rough opening for the window (the wall’s studs). The new window is then inserted into this opening and a caulking bead and metal head flashing are installed to defend against air and water infiltration.

Energy-efficient options like Low-E glass and argon gas are also available. These features help to keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, saving on energy costs. Additionally, these windows are quieter, reducing unwanted noise.


If you are looking to upgrade your Eagle Mountain home without changing its appearance, retrofit windows may be the right choice for you. This type of window replacement is typically less expensive than traditional full-frame installation and doesn’t require the removal or replacement of any wall components or trim.

Energy-efficient windows can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, especially in Eagle Mountain’s cold winters. They can also decrease your home’s energy consumption and direct greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of heat that escapes your windows.

Some windows are designed with Low-E glass, which reflects the sun’s rays and helps keep your house cool in summer. Others have argon gas sandwiched between two glass panes, which provides extra insulation and reduces heat transfer.


Wood windows are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a classic style. They provide natural insulation and are strong, but they do require regular maintenance to prevent rot and wear. Wood-clad windows are also available and offer the same look and durability of traditional wood windows without the need for painting or staining.

Energy-efficient windows can help you save money in the long run by lowering your energy bills. The glass on energy-efficient windows is coated with a special material that reflects the sun’s heat, keeping your home cool in the Eagle Mountain summer.

Energy-efficient window options include Low-E glass and argon gas fill. These types of windows are more efficient at retaining heat in the winter and keeping your home cool in the summer, and they can decrease your energy usage by about 12%.


Choosing the best window materials can have a big impact on your energy efficiency objectives and local climate. Aluminum windows are sleek and resistant to rust and corrosion, but they do not offer as much insulation as other options.

Consider Low-E (low-emissivity) glass to help keep your home cool during the Eagle Mountain summers and warm in winter. The glass is coated to reflect heat back inside your home, reducing air circulation and your energy bills.

Sunburst offers top-rated Polywood plantation shutters that conserve more hot and cold air than any other window covering in Eagle Mountain. Plus, they qualify for a tax credit up to $1200! Ask your contractor for details.