Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are integral for regulating and protecting your home’s interior climate. You should schedule window repair or replacement as soon as you notice a milky appearance or condensation between the panes.

Ask potential installers about their labor costs, warranty fees, and permit fees. Also, inquire about the company’s public and private credentials.

Sash Replacement

Often, windows that require repair are sash-only types rather than full-frame replacements. This means they have a spring balance instead of a weighted one and are likely to be Energy Star certified for efficiency. This is particularly important in Eagle Mountain’s varying climate where energy bills are high.

A professional will start by taking full measurements of the window opening to ensure it fits a new sash. They will measure the width of the window side jamb at three places and choose the shortest measurement to guide their purchase of a new top or bottom sash.

Then they’ll dislodge the old sash by pushing up on the right side (or left, it doesn’t matter) and then push it back in toward the side they pushed up on. They’ll also compare the metal tabs on the new sash to those of the existing sash to make sure it will fit properly when it goes in place.

Block Frame Installation

For new construction or a window replacement project that doesn’t require altering the shape of your home’s frame, you might opt for block frame installation. The method is less invasive than a full-frame installation and uses a nailing fin to attach the new window. It’s ideal for older homes that are in good condition and don’t require extensive frame work.

When evaluating companies for your next window replacement project, make sure to ask about their product and service offerings, pricing, and guarantees. Look for certifications from leading manufacturers and associations that validate their expertise and quality. For example, Renewal by Andersen offers a comprehensive window warranty that covers products, parts and labor for life. The company also offers windows in a range of styles and materials, including its innovative Fibrex composite material that resists freeze/thaw cycles and doesn’t bow or warp. Its narrow frames offer expansive views and allow natural light to flood into your space.

New Construction

Whether you’re building your dream home or renovating an older house, new windows can add beauty and value. They can also help you save on energy bills by keeping cold and hot air in during the winter and out during the summer.

Window prices vary by frame material and energy efficiency options. Single-pane windows are cheaper, while double and triple pane windows offer better insulation. You can further cut energy costs by choosing Low-E glass and Energy Star certification.

Fiberglass frames are a newer option that are budget friendly and incredibly strong. They can be painted and look sleek, making them a popular choice for contemporary homes.

When choosing a window installation company, choose one with experience and a good customer service program. Read online reviews and check the Better Business Bureau for local references. It’s also important to ask about the warranty, which should cover products and workmanship for a lifetime. In addition, find out if the installers are accredited by leading window companies and industry associations.

Full-Frame Installation

Full-frame installation involves removing the existing window down to the rough opening and installing the new one. This is the most thorough and expensive option, but it offers the best results in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

If you’re happy with the size, shape and operating style of your existing windows, insert window replacement is a less invasive alternative that won’t disturb your trim, siding or brickwork. This type of installation also allows for a tighter seal and minimizes opportunities for air infiltration around the window.

To maximize energy savings, choose a double-pane window with a Low-E glass coating and argon gas filling. These features reduce heat transfer and keep your home cool in Eagle Mountain’s summer, while reducing heating costs in the winter. In addition, these windows are backed by a lifetime limited transferable warranty. Investing in high-quality windows and doors is an affordable way to improve your home’s appearance and increase its value.