Door Styles to Fit Your Style and Budget

A quaint town in Utah, Eagle Mountain is surrounded by natural landscapes. Enhance your home’s aesthetic with a door replacement from a handyman in Eagle Mountain, who offers a variety of doors to fit your style and budget.

Window replacement with Low-E glass helps keep your home cool during the summer, and argon gas-filled windows help you save on your energy bills. A handyman can also install pet doors so your fur babies can come and go as they please.

Entry Doors

Front doors are an important part of your home’s aesthetic, security and value. A well-maintained door enhances your property’s appearance and protects it from the elements, while a neglected one detracts from your house’s overall look and invites unwanted intruders into your home. Upgrading your entry doors is a great way to improve your house’s curb appeal, safety and energy efficiency.

Residential entry doors are crafted of various materials and come in an array of finishes and styles. Local window installation and repair specialists can help you pick the right door for your home, style preferences and budget.

Wrought iron doors offer a sleek transitional look that blends with a traditional house design. They also provide enhanced security with their reinforced frames and multi-point lock systems, which make it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry through your home’s front doors than traditional swinging doors. Fiberglass doors are another popular choice for homeowners, as they resist dents and dings better than steel and are fire-rated. They are also energy-efficient, with insulated foam cores that minimize heat loss and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Interior Doors

The work of an interior designer can transform your home inside and out. They’re skilled at creating beautiful, feel-good spaces – whether that’s a mix-and-match lounge oozing mid-century modern style or a pale, interesting minimalist bedroom with shots of colour. They’re also adept at navigating tricky living arrangements, maximising space with clever tricks and designing multi-functional furniture and fixtures.

Aside from aesthetics, the right doors can increase your property value and ensure livability. That’s why Eagle Mountain homeowners are often on the hunt for a handyman who can upgrade their homes with shatterproof security glass and tamper-resistant hinges.

Today’s residential door options offer more flexibility than ever before. For lavatory and utility areas, you can opt for practical, paintable MDF or Masonite; for the more visible rooms in your home, you might want solid wood, single- or multi-lite French door designs or a rolling barn door with a unique architectural design. These doors can also let in more sunlight, which not only enhances your home’s beauty but helps kill bacteria and increase your Vitamin D levels.

Patio Doors

Homeowners in Eagle Mountain UT often choose patio doors for their sleek transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces, as well as their superior security features. These doors incorporate wide patio mullions, multi-point lock systems and reinforced frames to resist attempts at unauthorized entry. They also allow homeowners to showcase their homes’ beautiful natural scenery with glass panes that align with a range of design aesthetics, including Craftsman-style patio doors and French doors that offer an upper window.

Sliding doors are another popular choice, allowing homeowners to maximize natural light and reduce energy consumption. These doors can be installed in new construction or replacement projects, as well as in a variety of space configurations. For added security, choose a door that features laminated safety glass. Whether you want to upgrade your current patio doors or replace them with something completely new, Furthur can match you with top-rated local professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Just answer a few simple questions about your project and be matched with qualified pros in your area.

Pet Doors

There are many kinds of pet doors on the market. Basic manual dog doors mount to a door and have a flap that lets dogs go in and out. These are affordable but don’t allow owners to regulate who comes and goes. Other options include energy-efficient insulated flap style dog doors that are made of double-wide or solid-paned materials. These offer superior security with a lock and have a tight seal to keep cold air and pests out. They are also ideal for homes with oversize pets.

If you don’t want to constantly have to let your dog or cat out for exercise and elimination, consider installing a custom pet door. Salt City Pet Doors is a certified Hale Pet Door dealer/installer who specializes in these installations. This allows Eagle, Idaho, homeowners to give their pets freedom of movement while preventing unwanted trespassers. For this reason, our pet door installation service ranks at the top of its industry.