Cost of Custom Windows in Eagle Mountain UT

Custom windows Eagle Mountain UT

Upgrading your windows can bolster your home’s resale value, while improving its comfort and safety. However, there are many factors that determine the cost of window replacement.

For instance, you should look for a local installer with extensive experience. They are more likely to understand Lehi’s weather and homeowners’ needs.


Vinyl windows are a popular choice for homeowners in Eagle Mountain because they are budget-friendly and easy to maintain. They resist fading and do not require regular painting or staining. They also help reduce energy costs by reducing heat loss.

They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, including double-hung windows and sliding designs. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can choose the one that matches your home’s interior decor.

In addition to enhancing the look of your property, new windows can improve its energy efficiency. Choosing windows that feature low-e glass and thermal breaks can save you up to $372 per year in energy costs. This can reduce stress on your HVAC system and increase occupant comfort.


For Eagle Mountain residents who want a traditional style that isn’t vulnerable to the elements, wood windows are the choice. These window replacement options are durable, strong, and offer natural insulation. However, they do require regular maintenance to avoid rot and decay.

The insulating properties of wood are also ideal for energy efficiency upgrades. By sealing up drafts and reducing the amount of heat that’s lost through your window frames, you can lower your energy bills, lessening the strain on your HVAC system.


Universal Windows Direct offers energy-efficient aluminum windows with narrow sightlines that blend well with modern homes. Its UniShield brand windows meet Energy Star requirements and have an industry-leading warranty.

It also offers vinyl replacement windows with an insulating core and an aluminium exterior. They come in several color options and are suitable for residential and commercial projects. The company’s website features calculators and an online quote tool.

Window sash replacement is the least invasive option for Eagle Mountain window installation, but it may not improve energy efficiency as much as a full-frame installation. It involves replacing the moving parts of a window, known as sashes, while leaving the frame intact. It’s more affordable than a full-frame replacement, but it may not offer as many aesthetic upgrades.


Fiberglass is an excellent alternative to vinyl, as it resists swelling and rot. It also doesn’t attract moisture, which helps reduce mold and mildew. It is available with a wood interior, so you can match it to your home’s wood trim.

Fiberglass windows are manufactured by a process called pultrusion, in which lengths of fiberglass roving and strand mat are bathed in resin and pulled through a heated die that hardens the material into a smooth, rigid lineal. Hidden nylon-reinforced corner blocks are glued and screwed to the lineals, creating tight, clean joints.

Some manufacturers offer energy-efficient fiberglass options, including low emissivity glass and argon gas fill. These improvements help cut energy costs and reduce the strain on your HVAC system, which can increase indoor comfort.


If you want the beauty of wood without the maintenance, composite windows may be the choice for you. They won’t rot or warp, and the composite material can be painted any color you choose.

You can choose to install them in new construction projects or existing homes using the block frame method. This installation method is more complex than the sash replacement option, but it’s ideal for Eagle Mountain residential window replacement or commercial window replacement.

In addition to energy efficiency, wood windows can help you save on your utility bills by insulating the space and controlling temperature. They also look better than drapes and blinds and are free of wands that can be broken or caught on debris. They can even be made into bow windows for a focal point in your room.