How to Choose a Window Replacement Contractor in Eagle Mountain UT

Upgrading your windows is a home improvement project that can improve your energy efficiency and increase your property value. However, you need to choose the right pro for the job. Look for local references and a track record of excellent work.

Ask each company about warranty fees, labor costs, and permit fees. Also ask about their installation methods, such as full-frame or retrofit installation.


Vinyl windows are budget-friendly and low maintenance, resisting fading and warping over time. They’re also highly energy efficient, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Often, homeowners choose vinyl windows because they’re less expensive than other window types. But it’s important to understand that not all vinyl windows are created equal. Some are standard, while others are made with composite or wood materials that improve their durability and energy efficiency.


Often, homeowners choose the window materials that are most appropriate for their energy efficiency goals and local climate conditions. Aluminum windows are sleek and modern, while wood provides greater warmth and durability. A wood-clad-aluminum window is a good choice for those who want the benefits of both.

Drafty or outdated windows raise utility bills and detract from home value. By investing in a new replacement, homeowners can bolster their home’s value and improve the overall quality of life.

A retrofit installation method fits the new window into the existing frame, minimizing costs and disruption to the house. This option is also less invasive than a full-frame replacement.


Window screens are a vital part of the home that allows fresh air to circulate but also prevents pests from entering. If your window screen needs repair, it is important to hire a professional to do the job right.

Choose a window material based on your energy efficiency objectives, local climate, and aesthetic preferences. Wood windows provide a natural look but require more maintenance, while aluminum offers a sleek, modern design.

Ask about a company’s warranty policies and installation services. Many companies offer a free estimate and online pricing tools to help you compare estimates. They also provide comprehensive warranties and great customer testimonials.

Low-E Glass

The metallic coatings on low-E glass prevent a significant amount of UV rays from entering your home. This can help your furniture, carpets, and drapes retain their color for longer.

It also reflects the sun’s rays during Eagle Mountain summers, which can keep your home cool without having to turn up the air conditioner. This can lead to substantial energy cost savings for homeowners.

Another option is to install argon gas-filled windows, which have an invisible layer of argon between the glass panes. This can reduce heat transfer and provide better insulation. It can also help reduce condensation, frost, and sealant failure. It can also lower noise levels.

Argon Gas-Filled Glass

Argon gas, which fills the space between window panes, is an excellent insulator that can cut energy costs. It also prevents frost formation in winter. It is a non-toxic and non-reactive gas that’s safe for homes. It also doesn’t conduct heat as well as air, thereby preventing drafts and hot spots from occurring.

The argon filling increases the durability of double-pane windows, and it prevents condensation on interior window trim. It also reduces the transfer of UV rays, which can damage your furniture. Additionally, argon-filled windows are more resistant to temperature changes and altitude variations. Therefore, they’re ideal for high-altitude areas like Eagle Mountain.

Energy Star Certification

When choosing window replacements, opt for ENERGY STAR certified products. These reduce energy consumption by about 13 percent nationwide and cut indirect greenhouse gas emissions. They also protect valuable furnishings from fading and increase comfort levels in the home.

Look for frames made from durable materials and multiple panes separated by argon or other gases to improve insulation. Specify Low-E glass that reduces infrared radiation and reflects damaging ultraviolet rays.

Select a window company that offers extensive product options, affordable quotes and comprehensive warranty policies. Check the Better Business Bureau and request local references. Make sure technicians are employees and not subcontractors. Look for credentials from the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (formerly AAMA). Suitable accreditation indicates appropriate training in quality installation methods.